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The Nikon 20mm, a little bit of Seoul and my initial thoughts

For ages I’ve been keen to get my hands on an ultra wide lens. After weighing up the options between Nikon’s awesome 14-24 and the equally brilliant 20mm f1.8 prime I opted for the latter. At the moment I’m transitioning to using prime lenses. Amongst a variety of reasons weight has become a key factor for me, and the 700g saving sold me.

Source: Nikon USA

Out of the box it’s pretty light, fast and wide! Before this my 24-70mm zoom was as wide as I went, but the 20mm adds a load more space to the photo. Of course this means that the composition become even more important. What you do with all that space is tricky.


As can be seen above the biggest problem with wide angle lenses is that they leave all this dead empty space, and objects can feel somewhat insignificant in the image.

Essentially you need to get up close to your subject to fill the frame. Used well a superwide can pull the viewer into the image and really give an upclose feeling.


Of course they are also awesome for landscapes and huge sweeping vistas.


On the whole the Nikon 20mm is a beautiful lens. I was very happy walking with it around Seoul for 3 straight days, and never really felt I could do with switching lenses. The lack of barrel distortion on such a wide lens is remarkable. The colour reproduction and sharpness are everything you would expect from a Nikon. It’s light and shooting on a superwide really added a wonderful dimension to my photography.

Here are some more images I captured from my recent trip to Seoul:


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