Star Ferry in the smog, Hong Kong

Learning a whole new way of working

The great thing about photography is that you never stop learning. And the greater thing about digital is the pace at which the craft is changing and developing.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been hooked on YouTube clips of guys working in Lightroom to turn photos from the blah, into the extraordinary. Two photographers stand out in particular Serge Ramelli and Ed Gregory of Photos in Color. I’m learning how much the right amount of editing can add drama, enhance the story and add help lift my pictures to another level.

So over the next weeks, I’ll be going through my old photos, updating and revisiting images that looked great through the viewfinder but just didn’t come to life in the right way. And I’ll be posting them here, both before and after.


Star Ferry in the smog, Hong Kong
Here is a picture of the Star Ferry in Hong Kong’s smog before retouching.


Star Ferry in the smog, Hong Kong
And here it is after a few minutes work in Lightroom.

Just by some simple crops, use of filters and adding some colour here and there I feel I’ve given the image much more sense of story, you can really see the smog engulfing Hong Kong, while the Star Ferry pushes on through. It’s a very simple glimpse into HongKongers’ daily lives.

A copy of a similar image of mine is available on Alamy >

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